Susan van Elmpt (Shiatsu Teacher)

My first meeting with Azeem was in the autumn of 2000 at the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London, where we were starting our professional training as shiatsu practitioners. At that time Azeem’s dedication to developing his martial-arts skills was very apparent in his ability to combine a full-time career while continuing with his Karate and Tai Chi and also studying for his Shiatsu diploma. During our three-year training we would meet regularly to exchange ideas, support each others’ studies and practise our shiatsu technique. One of the qualities that particularly stood out for me was Azeem’s ability to rise above stressful situations and work pressure while following his goals, never losing his sense of humour or his strong sense of values.
After qualifying as a Shiatsu Practitioner in 2003, Azeem continued to focus on his goals in Karate, Tai-Chi and Shiatsu, combining the healing, Yin aspect of Shiatsu with the more outward, Yang aspects of Karate. This led in 2006 to the opening of his EmptyHands KaraTe school, which he still runs today.

Azeem is also continually expanding his knowledge and experience, seeking out new masters and teachers while constantly developing his own teaching and coaching skills and sharing his knowledge generously with others.

Today – between his parallel career in Business Consultancy, his shiatsu practice and his martial arts activities, we still enjoy meeting up regularly to share ideas and exchange shiatsu treatments.

Posted On: February 5, 2020, Posted by: admin