Fr Gordon Williams (Roshi)

I first met Azeem in 1994 when I was appointed parish priest of St Francis of Assisi Stratford London. He was one of the Sensei’s teaching Karate to young students in the parish hall. Although I was not a practitioner of Karate I shared a keen interest in Japanese arts with a particular focus on Zazen (sitting meditation). As a result we became good friends and our study of Zazen led us to Japan in 2003 along with Ko Poon Sensei. We visited many historical landmarks including Kyoto Zen gardens and JKA honbu dojo.
Azeem is a family man from an Islamic background but very open to inter faith dialogue. He is extremely dedicated to the study of martial arts and shows that calm and courteous manner which is often evident from someone who is serious about their practice. I put great value on my friendship with Azeem and enjoy immensely our conversations on matters of religion and right practice.

I find it refreshing to share insights with him due to his openness and consider him to be a model teacher who is always willing to help those in need!

Posted On: February 5, 2020, Posted by: admin