Hamza Iftikhar

A very high standard Karate School, keeping to the traditional values that the martial art holds in these modern times. Not only does this Karate school teach you the art of self defence, but also teaches students the importance of etiquette, discipline and self-confidence.

I highly recommend anyone to bring their children and themselves along to EmptyHands Karate School to discover the true essence of this martial art.

Sash Ali

This is the best karate school ,very well manage by the excellent team.My daughter improves alot tht know one can believe .unfortunately we moved toronto and still cant find something like emptyhands karate school .we are missing this school everyday.
I highly recommend this school.

Jaspal Sembhi

My children have been attending this dojo for five yrs now. From Day 1 they were made to feel welcome and Irm one of the instructors has an excellent way with young children.
I’ve seen both of my kids gain knowledge and develop there techniques.
Sensei Azeem is an excellent instructor and my kids enjoy the training they have had in there journey.
The monthly workshops are very informative and enjoyable making it altogether an invaluable experience.
In addition to karate I’ve seen the development of self confidence and discipline and positive mindset in both of my children.
There is a celebration of success at the final lesson of the year which everyone enjoys and it’s a fitting way to round off the year.
I thank Sensei Azeem and his team for there efforts.