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We conduct three gradings and mock assessments per year. Students who wish to grade must attend at least 80% of lessons and workshops. Students are also required to attend and pass their mock Assessments. All gradings are conducted under the strict guidelines of the Karate Society. We also have external examiners overseeing our practice on a regular basis to ensure we are compliant with regulatory policies and procedures.

Rank Level Approximate time at rank Lifecycles & Milestones Grading Fees
10th Kyu Beginner 3 Months Beginner £20
9th Kyu Beginner 3 Months
8th Kyu Beginner 3 Months
7th Kyu Intermediate 3 Months Intermediate & Advance I £25
6th Kyu Intermediate 3 Months
5th Kyu Intermediate 6 Months
4th Kyu Intermediate 6 Months
3rd Kyu Advance 6 Months Advance II £30
2nd Kyu Advance 6 Months
1st Kyu Advance 9 Months
1st Dan Professional 2 years First major milestone Price on Application
2nd to 5th Dan Practitioner to Expert 12 years Transition to practitioner or teacher level Price on Application
5th to 10th Dan Expert to Mastery Lifetime Elite coaching or teaching Price on Application