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Although most of our lessons/workshops are conducted at our Hombu/Ilford/Redbridge Dojos, from time to time we also work with partnership Dojos. Our phone and e-mail are regularly monitored. Please get in touch and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Hombu Dojo

Epping (Invite Only) Essex CM16 7QJ

Ilford Dojo (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday)

St Andrews Church Hall The Drive Ilford Essex IG1 3PE

Redbridge Dojo (Wednesday)

The Drive Methodist Church (Main Hall) The Drive Ilford Essex IG1 3PP

Partnership Dojo (Monday)

Oakdale Infants School Woodville Rd London E18 1JU

Partnership Yoga Dojo (Friday)

The Drive Ilford Essex IG1 3PS

Our Dojo was founded in 2006 on the ideals of Gichin Funakoshi Hanshi (founder of Modern day Karate). The format of our syllabus has been inspired by the work of the late Hirokazu Kanazawa Sōke with some adaptations. Our teaching philosophy is person centred and based upon the fundamentals of KaraTe-Dô; Kihon (basics), Kata (form), Bunkai (application), and Kumite (sparring). We also pay great emphasis on the values and beliefs of KaraTe (study of Dojo Kun). We run weekly online study group sessions to allow more developed students to have access to our training resources (videos, online channels, discussion forums, live sessions, access to Instructors etc.).  Our weekly lessons run every Tuesday (online study group) and Thursday evening (Ilford Dojo) with ad hoc workshops on a Saturday (Typically once a month). We publish our calendar on our Microsoft Teams platform at the end of the year to ensure all our students are given ample opportunity to plan their year ahead.

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