Karate Coaching is a new phenomenon pioneered by Azeem Mushtaq (Sensei) recently through an MA research study at Oxford Brookes University (2011). Further information visit the Karate Society website.

Karate coaching is a training process in which “critical” support and facilitation is provided to the Karate-ka during their developmental process. This genre of coaching can extend to many other facets of personal, specific work, career, health or rehabilitation development. Coaching is essentially about building an alliance that fosters personal growth in any change orientated situations.

Our Coaching is based on the following code of ethics:

Further information on coaching:

Our Dojo leads the way in Karate Coaching and aims to raise awareness to the wider Karate community world-wide. Feel free to contact us if you require further information on Coaching. We also run an Instructor Coaching programme designed specifically to help young Instructors become teachers and ultimately run their own Dojo.