Shiatsu (finger pressure or acupressure) is a form of Japanese physiotherapy, predominantly based upon oriental and western medicine methodologies. Shiatsu uses the same principles as acupuncture along with an appreciation of the skeletal and muscular structure of the body. Shiatsu also involves lifestyle, habitual and dietary diagnosis.

Through Shiatsu we can learn about our own bodies internally, and how to harness ourselves effectively. Shiatsu has become an increasingly popular form of body therapy; its methods are tried and tested. Shiatsu theory dates back as far as 17th Century Japan; the originator was Tamai Tempaku, who published a book called Shiatsu Ho (finger pressure method) in 1919.

Shiatsu is beneficial in many ways, simply for the increased sense of well-being or specific problems such as tension in the muscles, mis-aligned joints, old injuries or poor blood supply. The EmptyHands clinic is dedicated to providing professional and confidential service to its clients. Although we deal with clients with varying degrees of problems, we predominantly specialise in back pain, sports injuries and Structural re-alignment.

Treatments are organised via appointment only in our private Epping Clinic. Shiatsu is predominantly conducted with clothes on hence being a non-evasive. Subsequently, we recommend you wear loose clothing.

Cost of treatments: £50 which includes a comprehensive diagnosis and recommended treatment plan. Each treatment lasts for approximately 1 hour, concessions are available for 5 week treatment plans.

For treatments please contact us via e-mail: