Coronavirus, online Karate training & toilet paper shortage; when will it all end?

It’s safe to say COVID has had a never ending impact on our lives, and adjusting to life under lockdown can take an immense toll on our mental health. It’s easy to get lost in the constant cascade of news updates reporting the latest death figures, being isolated from friends or family, stacking up on […]


This is a word that is often used within the Martial Arts and Healing circles to describe a phenomenon that exists within us. But what is Chi? It is often spelt as “Chi/Qi/Ki” and can be described as a Universal Energy, Vital Life Force Energy or just simply Energy. It has been long accepted and […]

Dojo Kun

Dojo Kun is the “Code of ethic” for the KaraTe-ka, it embodies or contains the qualities that each individual should be striving for through their physical efforts of KaraTe training. These rules date back as far as 12th century feudal Japan. During this era the Samurai class followed a similar code known as Bushido (way […]

Immunity Tips

Although seeing our local doctor has become a tall order, we can still look after our immune system using Oriental Medicine (5,000-year-old system that uses tools like acupuncture, acupressure and diet to heal the mind and body). Kidney 27 Location: located about one inch from the mid-line on the lower border of the collar bone. […]

KaraTe Stances

Karate-Do training requires intense study of numerous stances which are key to developing power and focus. If stances are not performed correctly then techniques cannot be executed properly, subsequently, blocking and striking will lack power and direction. Lack of stance understanding and training will result in poor application of drills and Kata bunkai. Maintaining proper […]

KaraTe Mindsets

Karate-Do training encompasses six levels of mental development; these concepts are rooted in the practice of Zazen and are extremely powerful methods of strengthening ones mind. Below are some brief descriptions and contexts relating to the practice of Karate. Mushotoku – A state of mind where one does not train to seek anything tangible or intangible. […]

5 Actionable Tips to Becoming a Better Karateka

Start the new year with simple actionable resolutions for your Karate training: EASY – Think about the most difficult aspect of your training and then break it down into smaller techniques or drills. REMEMBER,one must never climb a mountain without experiencing what it’s like to climb a smaller object…For example, if you are struggling with a […]