Head Teacher

Senior Instructors


Amarah Adam (Senpai)

Qualifications – Nidan, BA (Hons), First Aid, eCRB

Amarah was one of the founding members of our Dojo and has been with us from the very beginning. Her Karate journey over the last 15 years has been exemplary. She has become a key member of our Dojo family and provides valuable support through instructing and mentoring students.

Amarah has managed Dojo’s and workshops on her own. Her penultimate goal is to become a Sensei one day. She has carried out some critical research in the benefits of Karate on mental health, leveraging from her professional and academic background.

Her self-belief and determination has led her to achieve excellence in her academic life. She holds a 1st Class Honours Degree in Psychology and is planning to study for a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. Professionally, Amarah has worked as a mental health counsellor in hospitals and is currently working for the NHS as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist.

Karate has aided Amarah immeasurably in not only the physical aspect but also has played a key role mentally. She has found that it has helped her gain confidence and ability to interact and relate to others on a social and educational level. Amarah also feels that KaraTe has assisted her health enormously and has furthermore developed her characteristics. She hopes that through her own experience, she can help other students in accomplishing similar goals.