KaraTe Club in Essex

KaraTe literally means Empty Hands. It is a system of self defence which is deeply rooted in the development of the individual through Zen philosophy, spiritual humility and character.

There are three classifications of KaraTe; traditional, application drills and sport. Our Dojo in Essex predominantly focuses on traditional training and applications drills with some emphasis on Sport Karate.

Although KaraTe was greatly influenced by various Chinese Martial Arts, it originated hundreds of years ago in Okinawa as a result of a weapons ban. Today, Karate is one of the most widely practiced and popular Martial Arts in the world.

People are attracted to Karate for a myriad of reasons which include: desires to enter competitions, learn self defence, improve fitness, focus and confidence. Some students also have personal motives such as overcoming bullying at school or work. Furthermore, there is also a large proportion that are attracted to the health benefits such as spiritual awareness, improving body coordination, hyperactivity, autism & asthma. In recent years, the most common driver for parents has been to help their children with discipline and etiquette.

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