Calendar 2018 – Events Summary

January February March April
  • 21st Jan: Stress Management; how to manage stress/anxiety through Karate
  • 10th Feb: Mock Grading
  • 10th Feb: Master Workshop by Shihan C.J.Rowen

  • 25th March: Grading – 2pm to 3pm
  • 25th March: New Kata & Bunkai
  • 28th April: Joint Locks
  • 28th Yudansha Training
May June July August
  • 12th May: EmptyHands Challenge Results (Charity Event)
  • 13th May: EH Yoga Open Workshop (Advance Booking)


  • Dojo closed 15th May to 21st June
  • Dojo opens on the 21st June
  • 8th July Yudansha Bootcamp (Invite Only)
  • 14th July Kumite Strategies
  • 11th August: Grading
  • 12th August: To Te Jitsu
September October November December

  • 8th Sept:                     乍工呂廾卞 亡し凵日  工
  • 13th Oct:             工呂廾卞 亡し凵日  工工
  • 10th Nov: Mock Grading & Revision Workshop
  • 24th Nov: Grading
  • 24th Nov: Master Class
  • 24th Nov: Yudansha Grading
  • 6th Dec: End of Year Awards
  • 11th Dec 3rd Jan 2019: Dojo closed for Christmas and New Year Holidays